Wendy's Subway

Wendy's Subway is a non-profit reading room, writing space, and independent publisher located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Since 2013, Wendy's Subway has provided an open and versatile platform for expanding modes of reading, writing, and publishing together. Our interdisciplinary program presents readings, talks, performances, and workshops regularly throughout the year. Our residency program highlights the work of independent library projects and publishers. The non-circulating library holds a collection of over 3,000 titles, with a specific focus on art, literature, and critical theory. The collection is available to readers during public library hours.

379 Bushwick Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm

L train to Montrose or Morgan / J or M to Flushing 


To inquire about programming an event at Wendy's Subway, please follow this link.


Harris Bauer, Publications Coordinator
Adjua GreavesSite Director
Gabe KruisProgram Director
Gerardo Madera, Design
Alec Mapes-Frances, Design
Eva Pou, Bookkeeping

Rachel ValinskyArtistic Director
Katherine Adams, Corinne Butta, Cillian Finnerty, Sarah McEachern, Noah LeBien, Fergal Styles, Fellows

Past Fellows
Erica Ammann, Harris Bauer, Sunny Iyer, Alec Mapes-Frances, Emma Seely-Katz, Zoe Senise, Elizaveta Shneyderman, Megan Toye, Sixing Xu


Wendy's Subway strives to be accessible to all visitors. We are located on the ground floor at 379 Bushwick Avenue. At the entrance, there is a concrete ramp with some uneven surfaces and a raised threshold (measuring 2 1/4” in height). Our single, all-gender bathroom is not currently ADA-accessible; however, there are several such bathrooms nearby that we would be happy to help direct to. This space is not scent-free, but we ask that attendees come fragrance-free.

Events will be live-streamed and archived for future consultation. 

If you have specific questions about access, please write info@wendyssubway.com at least three days before the event and we will make every effort to provide accommodations for you.


On an ongoing basis, Wendy's Subway seeks motivated fellows to join our space 1-2 days/per week. Applicants should have an interest in poetry, art, and interdisciplinary practice. Applicants with a background in library science, archiving, and handling printed matter are especially welcome to apply. Recent graduates or current students are invited to apply.

Fellows work in a variety of areas, including programming, publishing, and library maintenance and cataloging. 

Apply here: info@wendyssubway.com with your CV and a brief cover letter.

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