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  1. Book Launch: Beige Pursuit by Sara Magenheimer
    Saturday, October 26, 6:30pm

    Offsite: Bureau Gallery
    178 Norfolk Street, New York, NY 10002

    Please join us to celebrate the release of Beige Pursuit by Sara Magenheimer, published by Wendy's Subway.

    Sara will be joined by Constance DeJong, Rindon Johnson, Shiv Kotecha, and Jordan Strafer, to read from the book.

    Writes Anselm Berrigan: "You can change your rhythm in order not to panic I learned from Beige Pursuit, a marvel of a book that fuses and transforms various overlapping wildernesses—that of the body subject to transformation, that of the anxiety of our current shared predicaments & the ways that anxiety is fueled to deaden response, & that of the imagination, prone to serious irreverent examination, having to constantly move within its own unfolding in words. X, pregnant, and our guide, is told by talking peonies describing the intimacy gradient that she can’t enter her own home, & so it goes—it being the ordinary blasted bureaucratic temperament of the present. A present Sara Magenheimer illuminates by amplifying and grounding its absurdities in the daily chaotic filters of refusal and admission."

    Beige Pursuit is the second title in the Document Series, an interdisciplinary publishing initiative that highlights work by time-based artists in printed form.

    More on Beige Pursuit here.

  2. LINEAGE: Julia Guez, Kate Thorpe, Eila Weaver
    Friday, November 1 - 7pm 

    LINEAGE is a seasonal event honoring the relationships that sustain artists. Poets’ concerns, processes, and creations intersect, inform, support and challenge each other. In this reading series, one selected reader invites a mentor and a mentee to read alongside them, illuminating this sometimes subtle, sometimes urgent, golden thread of artistic lineage.

    The fourth LINEAGE reading features Julia Guez, Kate Thorpe, and Eila Weaver.

    LINEAGE is organized by Emily Brandt for Wendy's Subway.

    - Readers -

    Julia Guez's essays, interviews, fiction, poetry and translations have appeared in POETRYThe GuardianBoston ReviewPEN Poetry SeriesBOMBThe Seattle Review and Hyperallergic. Her debut collection, In an Invisible Glass Case Which Is Also a Frame, was published from Four Way Books in September 2019. Guez has been awarded the Discovery/Boston Review Poetry Prize, a Fulbright Fellowship, and The John Frederick Nims Memorial Prize in Translation from The Poetry Foundation. For the last decade, Guez has worked with Teach For America; she’s currently the senior managing director of program implementation. She teaches creative writing at Rutgers and writes poetry reviews for Publishers Weekly. Guez lives in Brooklyn and online at www.juliaguez.net

    Kate Thorpe is currently pursuing her PhD at Princeton with a focus on eighteenth-century poetry. She is also completing a poetic manuscript about the transformation of post-industrial architecture through art in the Ruhrgebiet, Germany based on research conducted on a Fulbright Fellowship. Kate studied at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and was a Teagle Fellow at Wesleyan University. Her poems have appeared in American Letters & CommentaryCourt GreenVolt, and WSQ, among other literary journals.

    Eila Weaver is a copy chief at news website Law360. She is at work on a poetry manuscript exploring the ways we map ourselves onto the world, a novel about marginalized identities and the Weekly World News character Bat Boy, and a memoir about her fiancée's leukemia and one of the worst nuclear accidents in US history. Ella has been a chair's fellow at Columbia University's Writing Program and a National Merit scholar at the University of Florida.

    - Organizer -

    Emily Brandt is the author of the forthcoming collection, Falsehood, and three chapbooks. She's a co-founding editor of No, Dear and an Instructional Coach at a NYC public school.

    - Image Credit - 

    Ulla Puggaard and Erica Jewell

  3. Launch: octopus notes no. 9
    Friday, November 8 - 7pm

    Please join us for the launch of the ninth issue of octopus notes, biannual journal that publishes critical essays, academic writings, interviews, and artists' projects. octopus notes is directed by Alice Dusapin, Martin Laborde, Alice Pialoux, and Baptiste Pinteaux.

    In this issue, Pati Hill, Greer Lankton, Lil Picard, and Bern Porter support their convictions and their specialities: baroque performances, collages, a lot of collages, dolls, a photocopier, etc. In different ways, they all include writing in their work whether it be poetry, novels, or criticism. From these encounters have emerged new connections, what we could call fraternal twins or new cousins. They have the same taste for metamorphoses, for a certain idea of the grotesque, and for reproduction. They share the idea that by pushing systems to their limits, things, even when they seem unable to be anything other than themselves, interfere with each other, create error, and open up hidden zones of potential, like a false-bottom suitcase. This issue also speaks of what we owe to others. Love stories and friendships have created, just as much as if not more than any reading, a happy vampirism. With contributions by Ana Baliza, Tenzing Barshee, Tomás Cunha Ferreira, Alice Dusapin, Alexandre Estrela, Wade Guyton, Pati Hill, Merlin James, Justin Jaeckle, JGL, Greer Lankton, Douna Lim, Mark Melnicove, Paul Monroe, Adrian Morris, Théo Pesso, Lil Picard, Carlo Pittore, Bern Porter, Seth Price, Théo Robine-Langlois, Zoe Stillpass, Anne Turyn, Camille Vivier, Erika Vogt, Kelley Walker and Martin Wong

    …. and especially reunited for the event

    Anne Turyn, NY-based artist and editor of Top Stories, a prose periodical (1978-1991, chapbook series including Pati Hill, Constance DeJong, Cookie Mueller, Kathy Acker, Lynne Tillman, Laurie Anderson, Mary Kelly) will present rare magazine issues and ephemera.

    + Silvianna Goldsmith’s filmed interview with Lil Picard (Lil Picard, 198, 16 mm transferred to digital, color, sound, 27’50’’) will be screened.

    + Poems by Pati Hill, Bern Porter, Marion Scemama and Martin Wong.

    More on octopus notes here.