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  1. California Ideology Reading Group 

    Organized by Sanjana Iyer and Joseph Lubitz

    7:15 pm–9 pm

    Sunday, September 15th

    Tuesday, September 24th

    Sunday, September 29th

    Tuesday, October 8th

    Free and open to the public

    To register or see reading list, please email sanjana@wendyssubway.com

    The 1995 essay “The Californian Ideology” by Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron, argued that "the social liberalism of New Left and the economic liberalism of New Right have converged into an ambiguous dream of a hi-tech ‘Jeffersonian democracy’ with roots as old as Slavery. Radical transformations of the terms and conditions of life, work, and sociality have been and continue to propagate in Silicon Valley. Beyond privileging the biographical mystique of the entrepreneur, or even the legends of the Silicon Valley ideology proper, we understand these shifts as continuous with longer historical processes of industrialization, colonialism, and migration. From Mountain View to Bangalore to Israel, there are many and multiplying uncanny silicon valleys—specific places that are also the seeming sublimation of place. 

    This reading group is an attempt to think through the ecological, technological, and cultural transformations and resistances produced by the “Californian” infrastructure, as well as the racial and colonial forms of subjection, desire, and erasure that are its own condition of possibility.

  2. Black Feminist Praxis Reading Group
    In partnership with The Free Black Women's Library
    Sponsored by Humanities New York

    Facilitated by OlaRonke Akinmowo

    Mondays, 7-8:30pm 
    October 21-December 16, 2019
    Dates: Oct 21, Nov 4, 18, 25, Dec 9, 16

    Capacity: 15 participants
    Registration cost: $15
    Register here.

    Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Preference will be given to participants who can attend all sessions.

    Black Feminist Praxis is a reading and discussion group that examines the rituals, actions, and sacred practices rooted in Black feminist thought. We will look at the history and ongoing themes of this socio-political movement, and examine it as a belief system that is rooted in clarity, compassion, and truth. In our sessions, we will write and reflect on the teachings and lives of radical Black feminist authors, organizers, and activists. Readings will include (but are not limited to) Thick by Tressie McMillan Cottom, Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde, How We Get Free: Black Feminist and the Combahee River Collective by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, All About Love by bell hooks, and Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler.

    Books are available for loan upon request (a $15/book deposit is required).

    - Instructor - 

    OlaRonke Akinmowo
    is an interdisciplinary artist, Black Feminist/Womanist scholar, set decorator, workshop facilitator, yoga teacher and mom. She is also the Creator & Director of The Free Black Woman's Libray, an interactive biblio installation and public art project that features 1200 books written by Black women, as well as readings, film screenings, performances, workshops, literary games and creative conversations. Follow @thefreeblackwomenslibrary for info on their monthly pop up sessions. 

    Black Feminist Praxis is presented in collaboration with The Free Black Women's Library, an interactive Black Feminist mobile trading library and interactive biblio installation that features a collection of 1000 books written by Black women. The library is committed to centering and celebrating the voices of Black Women in literature. This mobile library pops up monthly in unique and radical spaces throughout Brooklyn, NYC and has also been to Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

    Black Feminist Praxis is sponsored by Humanities New York, a private, non-profit state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, receiving federal, state, city, and private funding. It provides leadership and support across the state’s intellectual and cultural sectors through grants, programs, networking, and advocacy, in order to encourage critical thinking and cultural understanding in the public arena. www.humanitiesny.org