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  1. Publisher-in-Residence: Gato Negro Ediciones
    October 21-November 3, 2019 

    Wendy’s Subway is pleased to announce Gato Negro Ediciones as our Publisher-in-Residence from October 21 to November 3, 2019. Logophagy is the third and final phase of Gato Negro Ediciones’s latest project, Logocide, Logotomy, Logophagy (Logocidio, Logotomía, and Logofagia), which seeks to revive and experiment with nonsense as a means of subversion.

    Visualize the nonsense, the absurd, the illegible, and the cryptic. Seek to understand the contrasts, symmetries, asymmetries, volumes, and colors of the policy that governs our construction.

    Over the course of the residency, Gato Negro Ediciones will reflect and build upon the first two phases of the project, undertaken at Frans Masereel Centrum (Kasterlee, Belgium) and PrintRoom (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) through a series of conversations and workshops exploring the possibilities of nonsense in visual, textual, and printed exercises.  A selection of their publications will be on view at Wendy’s Subway. Through March 1, 2020, Gato Negro Ediciones also presents a curated selection of publications, alongside their own titles at the Museum of Modern Art’s Store, adjacent to the lobby of the Museum, at 11 W 53rd Street. 

    About Gato Negro Ediciones

    Since 2013, Gato Negro Ediciones has acted as a recognizably-urgent voice in independent publishing across the cultural realm. Advocating the liberty of thought, the Mexico City-based press intentionally prints titles that challenge the so-often sequestered view of contemporary society. From political manifestos to art theory and prose, Gato Negro’s books do not wish to deconstruct reality through ornamental distractions that lately seem to have become an inevitable requisite within the modern history of publishing. Instead, Gato Negro embraces the deliberately-chosen content in its most primal form: straightforward and entire. And therefore, ever growing in context. The outcome of each publication is a dialogue between reader and creator—an ecological construction of selfhood that distills collective contemplation while all we do is live.
    More information here: https://www.gatonegro.ninja/

  2. Upcoming Programming

    To be announced.

  3. The Wendy’s Subway Residency Program is made possible through a Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation Art and Social Justice Grant, and through public funds from the Decentralization Program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered in Kings County by the Brooklyn Arts Council.