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  1. Out of Body, Experience
    Workshop led by Deirtra Thompson

    Dates: November 16-December 14 (5 weeks)*
    Time: Thursdays, 7:00-9:30pm
    Capacity: 18 participants 
    Cost: $25-50 per session ($125-250 total)
    Registration deadline: November 10
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    Stop torpor! Evolve the feeling of a persistent nameless dread into a creative life worth living.

    If starting or completing a project is increasingly difficult for you this workshop will help.

    The Out of Body, Experience procrastination workshop for artists and writers is not about time management, willpower, or other ineffective strategies that attempt to curb the body’s natural response to threat. Resistance exists for a reason.

    This workshop locates the relationship between procrastination, trauma, and its manifestation as a freeze response within your body and your creative process. Starting a project or releasing work into the world is the ultimate experience in vulnerability. For those who have experienced ptsd, c-ptsd, adverse childhood events, and/or traumatic rejection — there is a way to make work without the chaos of procrastination. And it can happen quickly without needing years of forensic work to figure out why you procrastinate.

    Over the course of five weeks, a small supportive group will work together to clarify the relationship between trauma, family systems, and the inability to start or complete a project. Through psycho-educational readings, writing exercises and experimental workshops we will:

    • become our own best detective, teacher, and parent
    • gain clarity about the roots of our procrastination while maintaining privacy
    • spot and shift emotional dysregulation before it derails your work
    • learn immediate tools and action planning to start, pick up, or finish work now
    • acquire skills to transform developmental gaps and self-negating patterns into agency
    • find community and the inner resources to create a life worth living

    Kafka did it and so can you.

    *Thanksgiving Thursday will be rescheduled.
    **This workshop welcomes all procrastinators; however those procrastinators with autoimmunity or chronic illness may find its body logic particularly useful.

    All participants sign a confidentiality agreement and privacy is a priority. Although you will likely gain insight, substantial relief and a new approach to working from this workshop, it isn’t therapy and I’m not a licensed therapist. I can help you locate resources for further processing of what comes up.


    Deirtra Thompson is an artist and writer who lives in Brooklyn. She holds an MFA from Bard College, a BFA from MICA, with residencies at Skowhegan, etc and has been a visiting artist at Pratt and the Maryland Institute of Art. The stress of her own avoidant behavior contributed to a series of autoimmune diseases and other major personal losses. Combining psycho-research and forensic skills, she saw clearly that chronic avoidance is actually a survival response with more advantages than disadvantages. Traditional approaches to procrastination (time management, admonishing a lack of willpower or self-discipline or laziness) increasingly make procrastination worse until the underlying issues are out in the open. Talk therapy, CBT, DBT, and other forms of traditional therapy are mildly useful adjuncts but in her experience are not enough to effect meaningful change for a chronic procrastinator until the problem is addressed in the body, not in a day planner.

  2. Sunday, December 3, 4-6pm
    Black Feminist Praxis
    Led by Olaronke (Founder, The Free Black Women's Library)
    Capacity: 20 participants
    Cost: $15
    Register here.

    All are welcome to this interactive workshop led by Olaronke that offers an opportunity to examine rituals, actions, and sacred practices rooted in Black feminist thought. We will look at the history and ongoing themes of this movement, and examine it as a spiritual belief system that is rooted in fairness, compassion, and truth. Black feminism is not just a political or social movement, it offers a deep, complex, and inclusive framework that can be used to shape our goals and ideas around personal growth, social justice, art-making, and community
     building. It confronts patriarchy, violence, capitalism, anti-Blackness, and so much more.

    In this session we will write and reflect on the teachings and lives of radical Black feminist authors, organizers, and activists like Audre Lorde, Fannie Lou Hamer, June Jordan, bell hooks, Zora Neale Hurston, Octavia Butler. Please bring an open mind, a journal/notebook and your favorite pen or pencil.

    Olaronke is a Brooklyn-born Nigerian installation artist, cultural worker, Black Feminist/Womanist scholar, social coordinator, mama, yoga teacher and world traveling with. She is also an award winning set decorator and scenic artist for Film and TV, yoga teacher. In 2015 she started The Free Black Women’s Library, a mobile library that features a collection of 800 books written by Black women as well as performances, film screenings, writing workshops and critical conversations.