A Catalogue of Risk

Alisha Mascarenhas

Portrait of Alisha Mascarenhas. Photo by Cub.

Fall 2024
Passage Series #10

About the book

Alisha Mascarenhas’s A Catalogue of Risk is a volte-face of the neoliberal market economy’s construction of isolated, individual safety. In her debut book of poems, Mascarenhas
lingers in the question of risk as it arises in daily life and intimacy. Through a close study and partial translation of philosopher-psychoanalyst Anne Dufourmantelle’s Éloge du risque (2011), her poems posit risk as a fissure, through which we might imagine yet-unknown futures. 

Alisha Mascarenhas’s A Catalogue of Risk is the recipient of the 2022 Carolyn Bush Award.

About the author

Alisha Mascarenhas is a poet and translator, and the author of Contagion Fields (Belladonna* chaplet, 2021). She has contributed recent writing to The Recluse, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Pamenar Press, and elsewhereShe lives in Brooklyn, New York.


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