A digital publication organized by No, Dear

The poets gathered here have all appeared in the pages of No, Dear magazine over the last ten years. At the time of their publication, they were living in NYC. Some still are. Others have moved to other parts of the country and world. All have been sheltering-in due to the global pandemic.

Included here are images of their poems, written in each poet’s hand, accompanied by a portrait or selfie in the space where they are quarantining. While our community is spread out, we are not spread thin. We are connected by our practice, intention, and care. As Yoko Ono wrote in her poem Air Talk, "No matter how far apart we are / the air links us." We hope that this project brings you a sense of comfort and connection. 

Special thanks to ND editors: emily brandt, alex cuff, t'ai freedom ford, & leila ortiz.

A full PDF of the publication is available here.

“Gravity Forgiveness, after Barb Smith” — Daisy Atterbury, Albuquerque, NM 

In loving tribute to Barb Smith's Gravity Forgiveness, Step Sister, NYC

“The advantage of rain to think in sequence,” Meditation #2 — Isabel Sobral Campos, Cambridge, MA

“Gratitude” — Cathy Linh Che, Queens, NY

1.“Thinking through the State's failed attempt at my assasination by exposure.”  2.“Dis-ori-ranting 'Domain' Undone” — Joey De Jesus, Queens, NY

“The Part You Throw Away”  Natalie Eilbert, Madison, WI

“Uncommon”  Josh Escobar, Santa Barbara, CA

“Maafa Don't Utter No Sad Calls”  Harmony Holiday, Los Angeles, CA

“(and) (and)” a selection from THE TALENTS — Lauren Hunter, Durham, NC

from I HRT THE CULT YEARS — Steven Karl, Tokyo, Japan

“The Opposite of Real Life” — Becca Klaver, Iowa City, IA

“THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO SAY 'I LOVE YOU'” — Meher Manda, Providence, RI

“First Quarantine Poem” — Aja Monet, Miami, FL

Excerpt from “Alt-Nature” — Saretta Morgan, the Mojave Valley

An earlier version of this poem was published in GUEST: A Guest-Edited Chapbook (Aboveground Press, 2019)

“The Rhyme of the Western Tanager”  Jennifer Nelson, Madison, WI


“Stuck Around Doing Nothing” — Ben Pease, Brandon, VT

“Without Resolve” — Chris Slaughter, Brooklyn, NY

“Painter” — Bianca Stone, Brandon, VT

“Glory” — Ximena Izquierdo Ugaz, Lima, Peru 



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