Copycat + TDL @ NYC

RRD - Red de Reproducción y Distribución

August 2022
Softcover, 27 pages, 8.5 × 11 inches
Edited and designed by RRD
Printed on mimeograph
Edition of 40
15 USD

About the book

COPYCAT + TDL @ NYC is published in conjunction with Red de Reproducción y Distribución (RRD)'s residency, The Copycat Library (TCL) at Wendy’s Subway in August 2022, and as a result of mimeograph and typography workshops, TDL (or, Taller de letras), conducted during the residency. 

Featuring contributions by Sebastián Alarcón, Stine An, September Banks, Marian Chudnovsky, Danny Crook, Sanjana Iyer, Sanie Irsay, Tania Jaramillo, Becca Kauffman, Kendal, Ian O'Hara, Justine Tamiko Lai, Jacob Lindgren, Jarred Moran, Camilo Otero, Eva Parra, Victoria Pitaktong, Anuar Portugal, Eileen Ramos, Claire Ronan, Bruno Ruiz, Dani Smotrich-Barr, Teline Trn, and Jennifer XH & JMFS.

About the artists

RRD - Red de Reproducción y Distribución (Reproduction and Distribution Network) is an independent collaborative project based in Mexico City.


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