The Quick and the Dead: Alejandra Pizarnik Edition

Published in 2020
Digital publication
Edited by Sanjana Iyer with Sebastian Zinn
Designed by Kyle Richardson
Contributions by Alexis Almeida, Koan Brink, Sara Elkamel, Carolyn Ferrucci, Emma Jane Gomis, Cole Heinowitz, Lara Hidalgo, Benjamin Krusling
Read and download here.

About the publication

The Quick and the Dead is a yearlong, multiphase project that highlights the life, work, and legacy of a deceased writer by bridging their work to that of contemporary practitioners. In its second year, the program focused on Argentine poet Alejandra Pizarnik (1936–1972), situating her work within the broader context of contemporary Latin American literature and translation. 

This digital publication was assembled to continue the exploration of Alejandra Pizarnik’s writings and influence, after the conclusion of Q&D public programs. In its pages, you will find poems, citations, and images from our months spent thinking about Pizarnik. Many of the poems in this publication were produced as a part of “I Speak the Way I Speak Inside”: Alejandra Pizarnik and the Translated Self, a reading group facilitated by the poet and translator Alexis Almeida, that took place during the months of February and March 2020. In addition to poems from reading group participants, this publication includes a brief introduction from the translator and writer Cole Heinowitz, images of books by Alejandra Pizarnik displayed on the shelves in our library, and a bibliography of selected writings from the reading group. 


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