Turn Illness into a Weapon: An Audio-English Translation

SPK (Socialist Patients' Collective), Audio translated by Josephine Sales

A citrine book cover with words in large black block print font — S P K, Turn Illness into a Weapon, agitation prefaced by J.P. Sartre hovers behind a drawing of a towering building complex foregrounded by a handwritten protest sign which cautions: "To cast a stone into the commanding center of capitalism is one thing. But to transform a kidney stone into activity is the same. We ought to protect ourselves against kidney stones!"

This talking book is an unauthorized edition of Turn Illness into a Weapon by the Socialist Patients’ Collective (SPK) featuring a collective reading organized by Josephine Sales. 

SPK was a patients’ collective founded in Heidelberg, West Germany, in February 1970. Prefaced by Jean-Paul Sartre, this anthology features multiple entries that resist the production of illness under capitalism and radically reimagine doctor-patient relationships and society’s obligations to disabled citizens. 

This edition features each of the text’s forty-four chapters read aloud by artists, organizers, poets, staff, and community members of Wendy’s Subway. Most readers are disabled, chronically ill, MAD, and/or neurodivergent, providing a shared space for reflection and engagement with the text.

This text is the first in a series of Talking Books featuring disability-related titles. The series, initiated by the artist, will serve Wendy’s Subway blind, low-vision, disabled, chronically ill, MAD, and/or community members, staff, and the general public. 

About Josephine Sales

Josephine Sales is an artist working with time-based media, sculpture, and performance to consider how disability may expand our relational capacity. The artist's work has been presented at the Palais de Tokyo, The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Kai Mastumiya, New York, and The Beall Center for Art + Technology.  Recent engagements include a fellowship with Leonardo (MIT Press) and an artist residency with Claire Trevor School of the Arts, University of California Irvine, alongside scenography for disability arts dance company Kinetic Light for their stage performance "Wired."  Sales lives and works in New York City, attended San Francisco State University, and received an MFA from Milton Avery School of the Arts, Bard College.


Lateef McLeod
Josephine Sales
JJJJJerome Ellis
Jordan Lord
Stefanie Lyn Kaufman-Mthimkhulu
Akemi Nishida
Park McArthur
Constantina Zavitsanos
manuel arturo abreau
Adelita Husni Bey
Noam Kaim
Chinazo Rena Anakwe
Katz Tepper
Valentina Desdieri
Emma Hedditch
Camilla Wasserman
Zoya Ghazi
Merlin Subal
Charlotte Strange
Noah Benis
Deanna Yadollahi
Hayden Right
Danielle St Amour
Sarah Sohn
Joselia Rebekah Hughes
Lu Barnes Lee
Meesh Fradkin
Ivana Dragsiç
Georgian Badal
Adjua Greaves
Fia Backström
Annick Kleizen
Isaiah Madison
Francisco Echo Eraso
Marian Chudnovsky
Bill Dietz
Teline Tran
Griff Epstein
Patricia L. Boyd
Kabir Carter
Hannah Black
Amalle Dublon
Finnegan Shannon 
Daniella Valz Gen
Bryan Castro
Kiyaan Abadani
Sujani Reddy
Eileen Ramos
Ezra Benus
Thai Lu
Lois Cheaye
Nino Ricca Lucci
Beatrice Adler-Bolton
Aristilde Kirby
Johanna Hedva
Kay Gabriel
Aainan Amin
Jesse Rice-Evans
chloe crawford
Avery Camp
Jelena Loncar
Cheon Lee
Mel Hudson
Julie Lee
Mae Eskanazi
Sunny Iyer
Wolfgang Müller
Paula Stuttman

This Talking Book is dedicated to Criptiques Reading Group.


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