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Processo Grottesco/Yellowcake(Milan: Fondazione Prada, 2007)Thomas Demand (Author), Germano Celant (Editor)Nature, Politics, Photography, Monograph, Contemporary art / Permanent Collection
Mediated: How the Media Shapes Your World and the Way You Live in It(New York: Bloomsbury, 2006)Thomas De Zengotita (Author)Essay, Political science, Media studies / Permanent Collection
The Art of Communicating(HarperOne (2014), Edition: Reprint, 176 pages, 2014)Thich Nhat Hanh (Author)Bam2016 / BAM Reading Room, 2016, Permanent Collection
P.A.R.T.S. 20 years - 50 portraits(Brussels: PARTS, 2016)Theo Van Rompay (Editor), Sigrid Bousset (Author), Adolphe Jean-Marc (Author), Tom Engels (Author), Michael Bellon21st century, Performance, Dance, Bam2016 / BAM Reading Room, 2016, Permanent Collection
Black male: representations of masculinity in contemporary American art(New York : Whitney Museum of American Art : Distributed by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., c1994., 1994)Thelma GoldenBlack Studies, Contemporary art / Permanent Collection, BAM Reading Room (2017)
Obra Reunida [Collected Works](México, D.F.: Arquine, 2010)Teodoro González de León (Author), William J.R. Curtis (Editor), Miquel Adrià (Editor)Architecture, Monograph / Permanent Collection
Moise and the World of Reason(New York: New Directions, 2016)Tennessee Williams (Author)Fiction, American Fiction -- 20th century / Permanent Collection, BAM Reading Room (2017)
Open City: A Novel(Random House Trade Paperbacks (2012), Edition: 1, 259 pages, 2012)Teju Cole (Author)Bard2017 / Bard Reading Room (2017), Permanent Collection
Known and strange things : essays(New York : Random House, 2016., 2016)Teju ColeBard2017 / Bard Reading Room (2017), Permanent Collection
Every Day Is for the Thief(New York: Random House, 2015)Teju Cole (Author)Fiction, African diaspora, African fiction, Review / Permanent Collection, BAM Reading Room (2017)
Tales from Ovid: 24 Passages from the Metamorphoses(New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1999)Ted Hughes (Author)
At the National Monument / Always Today(Brooklyn, NY: Pioneer Works Press, 2016)Ted Dodson (Author)Poetry, Politics, Essay, Review, American poetry -- 21st century / Permanent Collection
Fragile City(Ghent, BE: MER Paper Kunsthalle, 2015)Tülay Atak (Editor), Elke Krasny (Editor), David Bergé (Editor)Artist’s book, Photography, Review, Urban studies, Art criticism / Permanent Collection
Brian Belott: Wipe that Clock Off Your Face(New York: PictureBox, 2007)Taylor McKimens (Author), Donald Baechler (Foreword), Brian Belott (Artist)Photography / Permanent Collection
The Boat in the Evening (Peter Owen Modern Classic)(Peter Owen Publishers (2003), Edition: New and Volume, 200 pages, 2003)Tarjei Vesaas (Author), Elizabeth Rokkan (Translator)Bam2016 / BAM Reading Room, 2016, Permanent Collection
Through Naked Branches: Selected Poems of Tarjei Vesaas(Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2000)Tarjei Vesaas (Author), Roger Greenwald (Translator)Norway, Scandinavia, Poetry, Translation, Review, Bam2016 / BAM Reading Room, 2016, Permanent Collection
The Time Is Out of Joint(Sharjah, UAE: Sharjah Art Foundation, 2016)Tarek About El Fetouh (Curator), Wasan Yousif (Translator), Alia Alhammadi (Translator), Ben Kattan (Translator), Bashayer Majid (Translator)Exhibition catalog, Chinese art, Contemporary art, Temporality, Middle Eastern art / Permanent Collection
The Time Is Out of Joint(Sharjah, UAE: Sharjah Art Foundation, 2016)Tarek Abou El Fetouh (Editor), Ala Younis (Editor)Essay, Chinese art, Criticism and interpretation, Contemporary art, Art criticism, Middle Eastern studies / Permanent Collection
Christoph Schlingensief: Art without Borders(Intellect Ltd (2010), 176 pages, 2010)Tara Forrest (Editor), Anna Teresa Scheer (Editor)Bam2016 / BAM Reading Room, 2016, Permanent Collection
In the Poem About Love You Don't Write The Word Love(Berlin: Sternberg Press; New York: Artists Space, 2006)Tanya Leighton (Editor), Haruki Murakami (Contributor), Ernesto Laclau (Contributor), Gilles Deleuze (Contributor), Keith Sanborn (Contributor), Jean-Luc Nancy (Contributor), Jonathan Crary (Contributor), Giorgio Agamben (Contributor), George Baker (Contributor), Jean-Luc Godard (Contributor), Thomas Keenan (Contributor), Mai-Thu Perret (Contributor), Serge Daney (Contributor), Gareth James (Contributor), Christian Rattemeyer (Preface), John Menick (Contributor), François Bucher (Contributor), Ayreen Anastas (Contributor)Essay, Critical theory, Visual culture, Film and Film Studies / Permanent Collection
Un ojo, dos ojos, tres ojos(Mexico City, MX: Casa Vecina, 2012)Tania Ragasol (Editor), Jon Mikel Euba (Contributor), Irene Kopelman (Contributor), Yael Davids (Contributor), Moosje Goosen (Contributor), Mariana Castillo Deball (Contributor), Amalia Pica (Contributor), Jorge Satorre (Contributor), Ricardo Cuevas (Contributor), Leticia El Halli Obeid (Contributor), Leandro Tartaglia (Contributor)Exhibition catalog, Spanish language, Contemporary art, Art criticism, Artists' writing / Permanent Collection
Kuntalini(Brooklyn, NY: Badlands Unlimited, 2016)Tamara Faith Berger (Author)Fiction, Erotica, American Fiction -- 21st century / Permanent Collection
Anti-Manifesto(New Normal Business, 2012)Taeyoon ChoiArtist’s book, Drawing, Artists' writing / Permanent Collection
Tadashi Kawamata: Entretiens(Paris, Éditions Lutanie, 2013)Tadashi Kawamata (Author), Olivier Reneau (Editor), Cerise Fontaine (Translator), Raphaelle Brin (Editor)Architecture, Sculpture, Interview, Installation art, Contemporary art / Permanent Collection
Decolonizing nature : contemporary art and the politics of ecology(Berlin : Sternberg Press, [2016], 2016)T. J. DemosBard2017 / Bard Reading Room (2017), Permanent Collection
Bauhaus Weaving Theory: From Feminine Craft to Mode of Design(Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 2014)T'ai Smith (Author)Bauhaus, Art, Weaving, Art history, German art, Textile and fiber arts / Permanent Collection, Bard Reading Room 2018
Urban Images: Unruly Desires in Film and Architecture(Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2011)Synne Bull (Editor), Mark Cousins (Contributor), Edward Dimendberg (Contributor), Giuliana Bruno (Contributor), Tom Gunning (Contributor), Marit Paasche (Editor)21st century, Essay, Architecture, Urban studies, Film and Film Studies / Permanent Collection
Summer Will Show (New York Review Books Classics)(NYRB Classics (2009), Edition: Main, 352 pages, 2009)Sylvia Townsend Warner (Author)Permanent Collection
Symmetries: Three Years of Art and Poetry at Dominique Lévy(New York: Dominique Lévy, 2016)Sylvia Gorelick (Editor), Vincent Katz (Preface)Anthology, Poetry, Contemporary art / Permanent Collection
David Wojnarowicz : a definitive history of five or six years on the lower east side(New York : Cambridge, Mass. : Semiotext(e) ; Distributed by MIT Press, c2006., 2006)Sylvère Lotringer, Giancarlo AmbrosinoBard2017 / Bard Reading Room (2017), Permanent Collection
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