Sara Magenheimer interviewed by Nicole Kaack in BOMB

"As I was writing Beige Pursuit, I noticed that sometimes X was me, and sometimes she wasn’t. But that makes sense—my life at that time was fractured by the literal splitting of pregnancy and a traumatic birth. Writing has always been my way to articulate myself back to myself. Before the pregnancy, I had written about large abstractions—power, city planning, architecture, my body as a house. Afterward, I was healing through communing with that past version of myself stored in language. Writing Beige Pursuit was a way to see the landscape into which I had arrived through this rupture and connect the dots back to where I’d been before. Even if the connection was about making clear how dislocated everything felt. Writing it was a process of seeing what the new truth looked like."

Read more from Sara Magenheimer's conversation with Nicole Kaack, "Stop Making Sense," in BOMB Magazine, published April 1, 2020. 


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