May 10, 2024She Follows No Progression: A Theresa Hak Kyung Cha Reader at The Poetry ProjectDecember 13, 2023Recording: From every river to every seaNovember 15, 2023Recording: From every river to every seaOctober 7, 2022Passage Series Reading at NYABFOctober 22, 2021JJJJJerome Ellis, The Clearing AlbumSeptember 21, 2020The Odd Years Book LaunchJanuary 24, 2020Living Content: Nancy LupoJanuary 24, 2020Living Content: Ajay Kurian read by Joseph BuckleyApril 1, 2019Lauren Bakst’s More Problems With Form reviewed in The Brooklyn RailJanuary 24, 2019Living Content: Gordon HallJanuary 16, 2019Stacey Tran’s Tender Table in LitHubAugust 29, 2016Monthly Movie Night at Wendy's Subway Brings Subversive Classics to East Williamsburg


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