TitleAuthorTags / Collections
To Live and Think like Pigs: The Incitement of Envy and Boredom in Market Democracies(Falmouth, UK: Urbanomic / New York: Sequence Press, 2014)Gilles Châtelet (Author), Alain Badiou (Foreword)Philosophy, Marxism, Economics, Critical theory / Permanent Collection
To Icon: Poems(Berlin, Germany: Captain Petzel, 2017)Natalie CzechTechnology, Poetry, Bard2018 / Permanent Collection, Bard Reading Room 2018
To Hell With Culture, and Other Essays on Art and Society(Schocken Books, ?) Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive

To Become Two: Propositions for Feminist Collective Practice

(Berlin, Germany: Archive Books, 2018)
Alex Martinis Roe (Author)Feminism and Feminist theory, Politically engaged, Feminist collectives / Permanent Collection

To Be a Jew: a Guide to Jewish Observance in Contemporary Life

(New York: Basic Books, 1991)
Hayyîm Hallewî Donin (Author), Norman Lamm (Author)Religion, Theology, Prayer, Judaism / Permanent Collection, Jaime Davidovich Collection
Titrer(Brest, France: Zédélé editions, 2012)Julien Nédélec (Author)Artist’s book, Sculpture, Bookmaking, Contemporary art / Permanent Collection
Title TK: 2010-2014(Brooklyn, NY: Primary Information, 2016)Cory Arcangel (Author), Alan Licht (Author), Amanda Schmidt, Howie Chen (Author)Pop culture, Transcript, Contemporary art / Permanent Collection
Title(Writers, ?) Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Title(Writers, ?) Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Title(Cover, ?) Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Title(Publisher, ?) Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Title(Publisher Unknown, ?) Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Time: A Documentracing(Providence, RI: Thomas Ockerse Editions, 1973)Thomas Ockerse (Author)20th century, Artist’s book, Consumerism, American art, Media studies / Permanent Collection

Time Slips Right Before Your Eyes

(Brooklyn, NY: Belladonna Press, 2015)
Erica Hunt (Author)Chapbook, African American poetry, Black Studies, American poetry -- 21st century, MoMA Reading Room / Permanent Collection, MoMA Reading Room

Tibor de Nagy Gallery Painters & Poets

(New York, NY: Tibor de Nagy Editions, 2011)
Douglas Crase (Author), Jenni Quilter (Author)20th century, Exhibition catalog, Art, Painting, Erizo Residency / Permanent Collection, Erizo Residency
Thunderbird(Seattle, WA: Wave Books, 2012)Dorothea LaskyPoetry, American poetry -- 21st century / Permanent Collection
Thunder Boy Jr.(New York ; Boston : Little, Brown and Company, 2016., 2016)Sherman Alexie, Yuyi Morales (Illustrator)Picture book, Children's literature / Permanent Collection, Children's Library
Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions from Around the World(Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1998., 1998)Selby B. Beeler, G. Brian Karas (Illustrator)Picture book, Children's literature / Permanent Collection, Children's Library
Through The Vanishing Point: Space in Poetry and Painting(Harper Colophon Books, Harper & Row, Publishers, ?) Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Through Naked Branches: Selected Poems of Tarjei Vesaas(Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2000)Tarjei Vesaas (Author), Roger Greenwald (Translator)Norway, Scandinavia, Poetry, Translation, Review, Bam2016 / BAM Reading Room, 2016, Permanent Collection
Thresholds 43: Scandalous(SA P Press (2015), Edition: 1st, 389 pages, 2015)Nathan Friedman (Editor), Ann Lok Lui (Editor)Bard2017 / Bard Reading Room (2017), Permanent Collection

Three Scenarios In Which Hana Sasaki Grows a Tail

(Austin, TX: A Strange Object, 2013)
Kelly luce (Author)Fiction, Short stories, Japan and Japanese language / Permanent Collection
Three Essays(Santa Monica, CA: White Wine Press / Madrid: Distrito Cu4tro Galeria de Arte, 2006)Jonathan Lasker (Author), Elena González (Translator)Essay, Spanish language, Painting, Art criticism / Permanent Collection
Threads talk series(New York City : Victoria, TX : Granary Books ; Cuneiform Press, 2016., 2016)Steven Clay, Keith A. Smith (Author), Jen Bervin (Author), Jerome Rothenberg (Author), Johanna Drucker (Author), Charles Alexander (Author), Simon Cutts (Author), Emily McVarish (Author), Buzz Spector (Author), Cecilia Vicuña (Author), Alan Loney (Author), Kyle Schlesinger (Editor), Richard Minsky (Author), Kathy Walkup (Author)Bam2016 / BAM Reading Room, 2016, Permanent Collection
Thread Lines(New York City, NY: The Drawing Center, 2015)Margaret Sundell (Editor), Joanna Kleinberg Romanow (Contributor)Exhibition catalog, Drawing, Contemporary art, Textile and fiber arts / Permanent Collection

Those Words That Offer To Us, Issue 1

(New York: Armenian Creatives, 2023)
Katie Giritlian (Editor), Mher Tarakjian (Editor), Caroline Partamian (Editor), Mher Tarakjian (Designer), Hrayr Varaz (Translator)Eastern Europe, Bilingual, Translation, Diaspora / Permanent Collection

Those Bones are Not My Child: A Novel

(London, UK: Women's Press, 2001)
Toni Cade Bambara (Author)Fiction, Black Studies, African American fiction, African diaspora, Novella, African American studies, African American literature, Black Feminism / Residency Collection, Workshops
Thom Pain (based on nothing)(New York, NY : Dramatists Play Service, Inc., c2005., 2005)Will EnoBam2016 / BAM Reading Room, 2016, Permanent Collection

This Young Monster

(London, UK: Fitzcarraldo Editions, 2018)
Charlie Fox (Author)Art criticism, Essay collection / Permanent Collection, Orit Gat Collection
This Time We Are Both(Brooklyn, NY: Ugly Duckling Presse, 2010)Clark Coolidge (Author)Review / Permanent Collection
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