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Working the Spirit

Ceremonies of the African Diaspora

(Beacon Press Boston, 1994)
Joseph M. Murphy (Author)Theology, African diaspora / Permanent Collection
Working Papers: Values in Contemporary Society(Publisher Unknown, ?) Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive

Work: Capitalism, Economics, Resistance

(Salem, Or: CrimethInc Workers Collective, 2011)
CrimethInc Workers Collective (Afterword)Economics, Labor, Capitalism, Collective / Permanent Collection, Jaime Davidovich Collection
Work/Travail/Arbeid(Brussels: Mercatorfonds and Rosas, 2016)Elena Filipovic (Editor), Douglas Crimp (Author), Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (Artist), Brian Dillon (Author), Bojana Cvejic (Author)21st century, Exhibition catalog, Performance, Dance, Score, Bam2016 / BAM Reading Room, 2016, Permanent Collection
Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot(New York: Riverhead Books, 2014)Masha Gessen (Author)Gender, Performance, Feminism and Feminist theory / BAM Reading Room (2017)
Words on Paper(Los Angeles, CA: nonsensical, 2016)Páll Haukur (Editor), M (Contributor), Vivian Sming (Editor), Wang Alice (Editor), Yaniv Meital (Contributor), Cara Despain (Contributor), Abigail Han (Contributor), Ali Kheradyar (Contributor), Anna Knecht Schwarzer (Contributor), Toisha Tucker (Contributor), Suné WoodsArtist’s book, Poetry, Non-fiction, Politics, Essay, American poetry -- 21st century, Artists' writing / Permanent Collection
Words of Love(Los Angeles: Les Figues Press, 2012)Mark Rutkoski, Annette Gilbert (Introduction)Poetry, American poetry -- 21st century / Permanent Collection
word for word / wort für wort 2013(Leipzig: Deutsches Literaturinstitut Leipzig / New York: Columbia University School of the Arts / Writing, 2013)Ursula Kirchenmauer (Author), Ellen Wesemüller (Author), Michael Makowski (Author), Kevin Magruder (Author), Juliane Stadelmann (Author), Bryan Quick (Author), Rachel Sur (Author), David Frühauf (Author)Bilingual, Translation, Germany and German Language / Permanent Collection, Cybernetics Conference

women@internet: Creating New Cultures in Cyberspace

(London, U.K.: Zed Books, 1999)
wendy harcourt (Editor)Technology, Gender, Cultural studies / Permanent Collection, Mindy Seu Cyberfeminism Reference Collection
Women, Race, & Class(New York: Vintage Books, 1983)Angela Y. Davis (Author)History, African American studies, Black Feminism, Feminism and Feminist theory / Permanent Collection

Women's Work: A Reckoning With Home and Help

(New York: Doubelday, 2019)
Megan Stack (Author)Memoir, Journalism, Gender, Labor / Permanent Collection, Orit Gat Collection

Women's Words: The Feminist Practice of Oral History

(New York: Routledge, 1990)
Sherna Berger Gluck (Editor), Daphne Patai (Editor)Oral History, Feminism and Feminist theory, Gender studies / Residency Collection, NYC Trans Oral History Project

Women Without Men 

(New York, NY: The Feminist Press, 2015)
Shahrnush Parsipur (Author), Shirin Neshat (Preface), Faridoun Farrokh (Translator)Islam, Iran, Fiction, Womanism / Permanent Collection

Women of the Pleasure Quarters: The Secret History of the Geisha

(New York: Broadway Books, 2001)
Lesley Downer (Author)History, Japan and Japanese language, Gender studies / Permanent Collection, Jaime Davidovich Collection
Women of Abstract Expressionism(Denver, CO: Denver Art Museum; New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2016)Joan Marter (Editor), Christoph Heinrich (Foreword), Ellen G. Landau (Contributor), Robert Hobbs (Contributor), Susan Landauer (Contributor), Gwen F. Chanzit (Introduction), Joan Marter (Contributor), Aliza Edelman, Jesse Laird OrtegaExhibition catalog, Painting, Abstraction / Permanent Collection

Women Artists: The Linda Nochlin Reader

(New York: Thames & Hudson, 2015)
Linda Nochlin (Author), Maura Reilly (Editor)History, Art, Art history, Review, Contemporary art, Art criticism, Feminism and Feminist theory / Permanent Collection
Women Artists: Recognition and Reappraisal From the Early Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century(Harper & Row, Publishers, ?) Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Women and Madness(New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, 1997)Phyllis Chesler (Author)History, Psychology, Politics, Gender, Sexuality, Review, Feminism and Feminist theory / Permanent Collection

Woman, Native, Other: Writing Postcoloniality and Feminism

(Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2009 [1989])
Trinh Minh-ha (Author)Literary criticism, Cultural studies, Postcolonialism, Feminism and Feminist theory / Permanent Collection
Woman on Edge of Time(Fawcett (1981), 1981)M Piercy (Author)Permanent Collection, BAM Reading Room (2017)
Witness in the Convex Mirror(Tinfish Press (2019), 152 pages, 2019)Eileen R. Tabios (Author)Permanent Collection
With Every Step I Take(Petaluma, CA: Taurean Horn Press, 2013) Avotcja (Author), Eliza Land Shefler (Artist)Fiction, Poetry, Short stories / Permanent Collection

wired_women: Gender and New Realities in Cyberspace

(Seattle, WA: Seal Press, 1996)
Lynn Cherny (Editor), Elizabeth Reba Weise (Editor)Anthology, Technology, Gender / Mindy Seu Cyberfeminism Reference Collection
Winter Sex(Amherst, MA : Verse Press, 2002)Katy LedererPoetry, Love and relationships, American poetry -- 21st century / Permanent Collection
Winter 1988/1989(Publisher Unknown, ?) Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Winslow Homer: At Prout's Neck(Boston: Little Brown & Co., 1966)Philip C. Beam (Author)Landscape, Biography, Painting, Artist biography / Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Winslow Homer at Prout's Neck(Camden, ME: Down East Books, 2015 [c.1966])Philip C. Beam (Author), Charles Homer Lowell (Author)19th century, Art history, Art criticism / Laurin Raiken Archive
Winnie-the-Pooh(New York: Dutton Books for Young Readers, 1988)A. A. Milne (Author)Children's literature / BAM Reading Room (2017), Recovered books

Wim Wenders: Pictures from the Surface of the Earth 

(London, U.K.: Schirmer Art Books, 2003)
Wim Wenders (Artist), Peter-Klaus Schuster (Contributor), Nicole Hartje (Contributor)Landscape, Photography, Monograph, Art books / Permanent Collection
William Zorach(American Artists Group, ?) Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
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