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Weimar Culture: The Outsider as Insider(Harper & Row Publishers, ?) Laurin Raiken Archive
Weary Kingdom: Poems (Palmetto Poetry Series)(University of South Carolina Press (2017), 88 pages, 2017)DéLana R. A. Dameron (Author)Permanent Collection

Wear: The Journal of HomeShop Issue #2

(Beijing, China: Homeshop, 2009-2010)
Elaine W. Ho (Editor), Anouchka van Driel (Contributor), Barbara Fang (Contributor), Beatrice Ferrari (Contributor), Gao Bei (Contributor), Instant Hutong (Contributor), Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga (Contributor), Liang Shuo (Contributor), Meiya Lin (Contributor), Carol Yinghua Lu (Contributor), Mai Dian (Contributor), Raqs Media Collective (Contributor), Claude Tao (Contributor), Reinaart Vanhoe (Contributor), Xia Jian (Contributor), Yan Teng (Contributor)Journal, Community, Chinese art, Periodical, MoMA Reading Room, MoMA Reading Room 1 / Permanent Collection, MoMA Reading Room

We, The Children of the 20th Century

(Paris, France: Almine Rech Gallery, 2011)
Peter Peri (Artist), Neal Brown (Foreword)Bilingual, Painting, Abstraction, Contemporary art / Permanent Collection, Dan Fox Collection

We Won't Move!: Tenants Organize in New York City

(Brooklyn, NY: Interference Archive, Portland, Oregon: Printed by Eberhardt Press, 2015)
Maggie Schreiner (Curator), Bonnie Gordon (Curator), Karen Hwang (Curator), Ash Bayer (Curator), Bonnie Hoyer (Curator), Greg Mihalko (Curator)New York, History, Exhibition catalog, Activism, Review, MoMA Reading Room / Permanent Collection, BAM Reading Room (2017), MoMA Reading Room
We Used to Be Everywhere(Brooklyn, NY: Ugly Duckling Presse, 2013)Craig FoltzPermanent Collection
We Seek Asylum (Willow Books Grand Prize)(Willow Books (2017), 78 pages, 2017)Gustavo Aybar (Author)Permanent Collection

We Real Cool: Black Men and Masculinity

(New York : Routledge., 2004)
bell hooks (Afterword)Black masculinity, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Cultural studies, Masculinity, Accountability, Anti-oppression, Black Feminism, Bam 2017 / Permanent Collection, BAM Reading Room (2017)

We Need New Names

(New York, NY: Little, Brown, and Company, 2014)
NoViolet Bulawayd (Author)Fiction, African fiction / Permanent Collection
We Love Lucy(Brooklyn, NY: Badlands Unlimited, 2015)Lilith Wes (Author)Fiction, Erotica, American Fiction -- 21st century / Permanent Collection

We Do This 'Til We Free Us: Abolitionist Organizing and Transforming Justice

(Chicago, IL: Haymarket Books, 2021)
Mariame Kaba (Author), Tamara K. Nopper (Editor), Naomi Murakawa (Foreword)Prison studies, Freedom, Black Liberation, Abolition

We Are the Future: Poems With a Voice for Peace

(Seattle, WA: Chin Music Press, 2021)
Merna Ann Hecht (Editor), Carrie Stradley (Introduction), Claudia Castro Luna (Foreword)Immigration, Pedagogy, Youth writing, Refugees / Permanent Collection
We Are Nothing and So Can You(Oakland,CA: Commune Editions, 2015)Jasper Bernes (Author)Poetry / Permanent Collection
We Are As Gods: Back to the Land in the 1970s on the Quest for a New America(PublicAffairs (2016), Edition: 1, 384 pages, 2016)Kate Daloz (Author)Your library, BAM Reading Room (2017)

We Are an African People: Independent Education, Black Power, and the Radical Imagination 

(New York: Oxford University Press, 2019)
Russell Rickford (Author)American history, Blackness, Social history, History, Black Studies, African diaspora, Documentation, African American studies, Black Liberation, Black Power, Pan-Africanism / Residency Collection
We Are All Just Animals & Plants(Montreal: Metatron, 2016)Alex Manley (Author), Charlotte PicottePoetry, Canadian poetry / Permanent Collection
Ways of Seeing(New York: British Broadcasting Company and Penguin Books, 1972)John Berger (Author)Art history, Modernism, Visual culture / Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive

Ways of Curating 

(New York: Faber and Faber, 2014)
Hans Ulrich Oberst (Afterword), Asad Raza (Contributor)Contemporary art, Art criticism, Curatorial practice / Permanent Collection, Dan Fox Collection
Way(San Francisco: North Point Press, 1988)Leslie Scalapino, Andrew Savulich (Cover artist)Poetry, Urban studies, American poetry -- 20th century / Permanent Collection

Water~Stone Review: Tending to Fires (Volume 22)

(St. Paul, MN: Hamline University, 2019)
Mary Francois Rockcastle (Editor), Meghan Maloney-Vinz (Editor), Sun Yung-Shin (Contributor), Sheila O'Connor (Contributor), Patricia Weaver Francisco (Contributor)Literary criticism, Periodical / Permanent Collection
Waterweavers, A Chronicle of Rivers (Exhibition Catalog)(New York, NY: Bard Graduate Center, 2014)Jose and Alejandro Martin Roca (Editor), Nina Stritzler-Levine (Contributor), Antonio Caballero (Contributor), Carol Young (Contributor), Héctor Abad Faciolince (Contributor), Marcelo Villegas (Contributor), Fernando Zalamea (Contributor), José Roca (Contributor), Lucy Salamanca (Contributor), Olga de Amaral (Contributor), Monika Bravo (Contributor), Alberto Baraya (Contributor), Clemencia Echeverri (Contributor), Alejandro Martin (Contributor), Abel Rodriguez (Contributor), Susan Werber (Contributor), Susana Mejia (Contributor), José Esutasio Rivera (Contributor), Catalina Vargas Tovar (Contributor), Alonso de Santa Cruz (Contributor), Nicolas Consuegra (Contributor), Davod Consuergo (Contributor), Tangrama (Contributor), Elizabeth Yarce (Contributor), Alvaro Catalan de Ocon (Contributor), Vicente Restrepo (Contributor), Ceci Arango (Contributor), Gabriele Sossella (Contributor), Ludovico Gualzetti (Contributor), Benno Simma (Contributor), Juan Fernando Herran (Contributor), Weildler Guerra Curvelo (Contributor), Nukaki-Suka (Contributor), Maria Isabel Rueda (Contributor), Alfredo Moano (Contributor)Exhibition catalog, Art, Ecology and Environmentalism, Textile and fiber arts, Bard2018 / Permanent Collection, Bard Reading Room 2018
Water Sources(Mountainville, NY: Storm King Art Center, 2015)Lynda Benglis (Author), Lydia BenglisNature, Sculpture, Monograph, Contemporary art / Permanent Collection
Water Days(Paris, FR: Dis Voir, 2010)Leah Singer (Artist), Lee Ranaldo (Artist)Artist’s book, Sound, Prints and printmaking / Permanent Collection
Water & Salt(Pasadena, CA: Red Hen Press, 2017)Lena Khalaf Tuffaha (Author)American literature, Arab American, Poetry, American poetry -- 21st century / Permanent Collection
Wasted Words: The Essential Dave Hickey Online Compilation(Los Angeles: PCP Press, 2016)Dave Hickey (Author), Julia P. Friedman (Editor)Social media, Monograph / Permanent Collection
Wassily Kandinsky: Paintings of 1905-1940(The New Gallery, ?) Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Washboat Days: Montmartre, Picasso and the Artists Revolution(Grossman Publishers, ?) Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive

Warrior Poet: The Biography of Audre Lorde

(New York: W. W. Norton, 2004)
Alexis De Veaux (Author)Biography, Black Studies, African American studies, Black Feminism, Feminism and Feminist theory / Permanent Collection, Residency Collection, Workshops
Warm Equations(Zurich: Edition Patrick Frey, 2017)Alan Reid (Artist), Chris Sharp, Lisa Robertson, Matthew Brannon, Jill Gasparina, Kristen Kosmas, Corina Copp, Jamieson Webster, Rachel Valinsky (Editor), Ella Kruglyanskaya, Brian Paul Lamotte (Designer)Chorus, Painting, Monograph, Artists' writing / Permanent Collection

War and the Illiad

(New York: New York Review of Books, 2005)
Simone Weil (Author), Rachel Bespaloff (Author), Christopher Benfey (Introduction), Hermann Broch (Afterword), Mary McCarthy (Translator)Philosophy, Classics, Literary criticism / Permanent Collection
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