JJJJJerome Ellis in Dysfluent Issue 2: Stammering Pride

Photo by Conor Foran & Eric Stynes

"Stammering pride has emerged as a compelling movement in the cause for self-affirmation, dignity and equality for people who stammer. But what does it mean to be proud of something you associate with struggle and pain?"

Photo by Conor Foran & Eric Stynes

Dysfluent, no. 2: Stammering Pride is a 110+ page compilation of interviews and visual artwork celebrating and challenging stammering pride. Each interview is set in Dysfluent Mono, a font representing the person’s stammer.

An excerpt from JJJJJerome Ellis's The Clearing now appears in Dysfluent, no. 2, published in 2023. Learn more about the magazine here.


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